Super Clean Design

Minimal change to stock Honda body

Our system is the cleanest and most minimal on the market.  Simply connect your propane tank or natural gas line via the quick-connector and pull the starter cord, that’s all there is to it!

True Tri-Fuel System

Our Honda generators come 100% ready to run on Gasoline, LP Liquid Propane or Natural Gas.  The choice is yours.

The Perfect Generator! You will absolutely fall in love with it.

Our generators are the ideal size, weight and power rating.  If you need more power just connect another generator in parallel.  Clean power on demand!

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Honda Reliability and Durability

Our Honda Tri-Fuel generators are fully covered by Honda’s 3 Year Residential and Commercial Warranty!

Super Portability and Convenience

There’s a reason why the Honda EU2000i is the most popular generator in the world.  With our Tri-Fuel system it becomes the most popular and versatile generator in the world as well!

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The Perfect System

We create our Tri-Fuel Honda conversions using only the highest quality materials for durability and reliability.

Each generator system comes with everything pictured:  The Honda EU2000i, 10′ Heavy Duty gas hose, Quick-connect fittings, Carburetor hose and injection jet, Low-pressure regulator, 20lb Propane tank regulator and connector, all fittings professionally assembled and sealed with high quality gas proof seals.

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Power wherever and whenever you need it

Tri-Fuel convenience and Honda reliability

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Almost invisible change to Honda’s design

Use Honda covers with no problems of obstruction

Our system is so tightly integrated into the original design that you can even store your Honda back in it’s original box for long term storage.

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Order our amazing Tri-Fuel Honda generator and have power how you want it and where you want it.

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